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"Building upon the acclaim he received for his first two albums Three Before Midnight and Times and Travels, DeGregoris says that working with so many powerhouse veterans has inspired him to up his game both compositionally and performance-wise. Beyond establishing his powerful ensemble work with these elite musicians, the ten tracks of All In Good Time are powerful showcases for his infectious and dynamic piano, synth and Fender Rhodes melodies. The Nils productions include the infectious, funky and exuberant first single “Sunnyside”; the coolly grooving retro soul-jazz sparkle of “Into The Night”; the synth-driven, symphonic pop-jazz “Autumn Chill,” which includes hypnotic, swirling sonic effects; and “Connect The Dots,” an old school styled discofied romp driven by DeGregoris’ lively and melodic Fender Rhodes energy. The two Lorber-helmed tunes are “Hey You”, a throbbing, edgy, classic R&B-jazz fusion jam featuring retro keys and piano and Marienthal’s fiery sax; and “Absolute,” another high-octane jam fired by Haslip’s bass and Loeb’s explosive jazz guitar. –Jonathan Widran

"There are several good smooth jazz & contemporary jazz pianists & keyboard players, like Brian Culbertson, Jonathan Fritzen, Jeff Lorber, etc. Al DeGregoris is lesser known, but he can stand the test. On his third album he proves that, with a little help from several friends. On the opener ‘JD’s Groove’, co-written by him and Nils (who also produced the song and plays guitar), he delivers a mid-tempo smooth running jazz track. I like it immediately. ‘Into The Night’ is also written, produced and arranged by Nils, but with a stronger beat and a wah-wah guitar. Then comes the feel good track ‘Sunnyside’, ideal for cruisin’. Jeff Lorber put his stamp on the infectious ‘ Hey You’, more fusion and contemporary jazz. Lorber co-wrote the track with DeGregoris, produced & arranged it, plays keyboards and all other instruments, except the drums and the sax, which comes from Eric Marienthal. You can call ‘Autumn Chill’ more symphonic than the other tracks, but it has a relaxed atmosphere. The late Ricky Lawson took care of the drums here. The title track is very funky, with some bluesy electric piano. On ‘Absolute’, Lorber comes again and brings a funky fusion beat, with Jimmy Haslip on bass. After that ‘After A Rain’ is a superb smooth jazz track, sophisticated and relaxed. ‘Tranquillity’ is also beautiful, while ‘Connect The Dots’ is more upbeat. If someone still has doubts about Al DeGregoris, then I suggest he listens to this album. And when you do, you’re in for a treat! Creative, beautiful, melodic, smooth & contemporary jazz. This proves that a indie artist can score!" - Patrick Van de Wiele,

Pianist/keyboardist Al DeGregoris cranked out a solid piece of tight contemporary jazz with his Times and Travels release that thoroughly impressed me almost beyond words with his creativity and imaginative offerings. Here, 2 years later, is the artist with a project called All In Good Time that, at its very least, stands toe to toe with its predecessor.

Full of funk, touches of classy, sophisticated fusion with a motion all its own, and accompanied by some of the finest artists around, including keys giant/producer Jeff Lorber, guitarists Nils and Chuck Loeb, suave saxman Eric Marienthal, renowned bassist Jimmy Haslip, and the late great Ricky Lawson on drums, this is another of those can’t-miss releases bound for high places on the charts, no doubt whatsoever.

This CD separates itself from the “cookie cutter” kind of smooth jazz that many of us jazzers have begun to shun in search of something with substance, depth, and creativity. This smashes the naysayers’ contention that this kind of music (and to what are they referring anyway with the term “this kind of music?”) is all “elevator music.” Just listen. You’d have to be without a pulse not to feel this one. It is not only distinctive and full-bodied, but speaks to perfection in a clear sense.

Examples of the album’s appeal show up all over the place. Let’s start with the lead track “JD’s Groove,” a slickly strutting distinctly jazzy mid-tempo piece with definition and a mean hook — just right as a lead track. From there, DeGregoris hops into a driving Nils-penned up-tempo jam featuring the guitarist on all instruments except, of course, DeGregoris’ expressive piano work. In a word, sterling jazz quality.

“Sunnyside” is a truly bright mid-tempo piece that seems to actually attempt to instrumentally tell the story of the joy of sunshine and a carefree environment. One for that cruising road trip. “Hey You” enters with that signature mid-tempo Jeff Lorber funk/fusion and the two keyboardists sharing the keys duties while Lorber handles all of the other instruments except sax (Eric Marienthal with a great effort) and Tony Moore on drums.

The mellow and melodic “Autumn Chill” sets the stage for that time of year easily while the up-tempo funk/fusion title track gets the motor cranked up again.

So much more follows. This gift that keeps on giving is more than a music project – it’s an adventure, an experience in the totality of good quality sound. A must-have for true contemporary jazz fans. – Ronald Jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride

"When Al DeGregoris records a new project - the A List shows up! Seven tracks produced by guitarist Nils and two helmed by keyboardist Jeff Lorber, ALL IN GOOD TIME finds the versatile indie composer/keyboardist establishing a powerful ensemble vibe with a batch of contemporary jazz greats, including Chuck Loeb, Jimmy Haslip and Eric Marienthal, it also includes some of the supremely grooving last sessions by drummer Ricky Lawson. The all-star guests may make genre fans curious, but it’s DeGregoris’ infectious and dynamic piano, synth and Fender Rhodes’ melodies, which supercharge the fun. Nils’ produced tracks range from the funky, exuberant "Sunnyside" (the project’s first single) to the synth driven symphonic pop jazz tune, "Autumn Chill." The throbbing R&B. jazz-fusion jam "Hey You" has the classic Lorber vibe. The best indie artists capture our hearts ALL IN GOOD TIME!" Jonathan Widran for



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